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Drawing has always been what I do, it was what I did in GCSE Biology, and it's what I do now. I like to think i'm a pretty down to earth person, but it's never too hard to catch me daydreaming. I love art, and music, design, writing; generally any form of artistic expression.

I love japanese art - manga, traditional prints, poetry, music, animation. My obsession with Final Fantasy and Shojo Manga can only be labelled as unhealthy. I like listening to bands and artists that I think aren't well known. It's like I have my own little secret, even if they are well known and i'm just blind. They say ignorance is bliss, and a lot of the time i'm inclined to agree.

I come from sunny Cornwall; where the sun shines for all of five days a year and they call it a tourist resort. I wouldn't like to leave it forever though. I love the history and the myth. I love being able to say that my family have lived here for generations. I love the fact that a Cornish Pasty made anywhere other than Cornwall cannot be called a Cornish Pasty.

I like doing all sort of different things, so if you have a use for me, please visit the contact page.